Tyrone Roots

Researching your Irish ancestors

The Internet has completely changed the search for your ancestors. However the amount of information available can be overwhelming and considerable knowledge may be needed to make sense of the results. Location is the key which is often missing.

Moving down from the County, to the Parish, to the smallest division of the townland will bring results. Another is the timeframe; apart from the Established Church of Ireland, few written records go back more than 200 years.

Full official registration of births, marriages and deaths only started in 1864. These are available; however the Established Church was required to place its earlier records with the Government. When the building, known as The Four Courts, housing these and other unique records was destroyed in 1922 much was lost forever.

Census records are available on line for 1901 and 1911. Use has to be made of substitutes such as Tithe and Griffith’s Valuation records which only gives the Head of the household. Literacy rates were low and emigration was like a death, the person never to be heard of again. Only the well off could afford headstones to mark their passing, and even these have faded away.

But this is too negative; there is much pleasure in the hunt and the prize may be within your grasp!

Tyrone Resources

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Tyrone is split between the Dioceses of Derry, Armagh and Clogher. Most Church records are in PRONI in Belfast. Armagh Roman Catholic records are earlier than the two others, starting in 1820 for some Parishes.

1600s  Information on Plantation Undertakers and Muster Rolls

1664 – 1666 Hearth Money Rolls

1700s List of names in various Parishes

1796 Spinning wheel (Flax Growers ) List

1830s Tithe lists

1860s Griffiths Valuation

1901 and 1911 Census online

1912 Signatures of Ulster Covenant

Estate records have been deposited in PRONI

Gravestone inscriptions have been transcribed for many old graveyards.

Local groups have published studies of their area.

Directories, many available online at PRONI, cover County Tyrone.

4 thoughts on “Tyrone Roots

  • My husband’s family were quite prominent in Strabane operating Doran’s Bakery. The business was closed about 1977. However we are interested in finding out about the start of the business by Peter Doran. Is it possible to get sale records? We believe that the bakery was operating elsewhere and perhaps originally in Donegal.

  • I’ll be in County Tyrone/Omagh in July. I’m interested in any information relating to my five-times great grandfather, Richard Golden, who left there in 1767 for the “colonies”, or any of my “Golden” relations.

  • My grandfather wrote that his grandfather Charles Porter was born in Strabane in 1812, and lived in Omagh, parish of Cams ( Camus?), County Tyrone before emigrating to Philadelphia, PA, USA in 1840. He was a devout Presbyterian. What would be my best sources for records about Charles Porter’s life in Ireland?

    • Hello Andrew, I carry out professional research for clients but if you wish there are resources on line to help. However few of our Church records go back to the early 1800s and it can be time consuming to look at the microfilm in PRONI, Belfast, especially if it is a town with a number of Churches. You can download a guide to Church Records on the PRONI web site. Note that Strabane is in the Parish of Camus; Omagh is in the Parishes of Drumragh and Cappagh. You may also get some help from Facebook sites such as Strabane History Society and County Tyrone sites. A good place to start is cotyroneireland.com Good Luck Vincent Brogan

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