“Researching family records from a distance normally necessitates the involvement of a professional researcher.  Mr. Vincent Brogan has delivered a very helpful and professional service to me during which he has demonstrated a keen interest in the subject and wide knowledge of data sources.

He is also very well informed about Co. Tyrone and its people.  Finally he has kept good control on time and costs so that the information sought has been provided promptly with an acceptable outlay”.

Best regards,
D S-K London

To genealogists and tourists,

I strongly recommend the genealogical and travel services of Vincent Brogan and Tyrone Roots.  I hired him for several days in June 2012 when I was visiting Omagh, Northern Ireland.  He was very helpful in driving me to various sites (churches, cemeteries, houses) near Omagh and Castlederg that are connected to my family. He also took excellent photographs of these places of interest to me.  His knowledge of the history and geography of the area and of genealogical research was invaluable.  His expertise added much to my knowledge in just a few days.  He continued with his research after I returned home to California.  His prices are reasonable and he is a very amiable,personable, down-to-earth and knowledgeable man.

Lorraine S California

Planning a trip to Ireland?  Looking for a competent guide a day or for a week?  I heartily recommend Mr. Vincent Brogan. I have used his services twice for extended family trips in search of our Irish roots with much success and a great Irish experience both times.

On two separate family trips (one focused on Northern Ireland and one spent in  the Irish Republic  to the south), Mr. Brogan was our local historian, genealogist, driver and reliable travel companion.  We found him to be polite and courteous and yet a comfortable member of our travel party. As a part of the preparation for being our guide, he had spent considerable time researching our Irish roots using sketchy notes we provided about family history as far as we knew it.  He was well prepared to lead us in search of much more of our family history, including visits to churches, cemeteries, private homes, and research centers.  

Vincent is very comfortable with all ages of families as evidenced in our last trip with ages ranging from 7 to 77.  He provides groundwork to ensure that everything is in place for lodging, meals, historical stops, and whatever your group might need.  He works to make sure everyone has positive experiences and leaves Ireland with positive feelings and a desire to return again.  And by the way, our return to Ireland is in the planning stages, and Vincent is a part of those plans.

Feel free to call or write for more detailed references. It is our pleasure to be able to recommend Mr. Vincent Brogan to enhance any trip to the “Emerald Isle”.

L and M G-S, Iowa

Last year, I was lucky to meet Vincent when I wanted someone to find the townland of my ancestors and take me to see it.  Vincent found out who owns the land now and arranged for me to meet him and to see where my ancestors lived until 1860. To be able to stand on the same land they had stood on and to see what they had seen and what they left behind was one of the most moving experiences of my life.  I have Vincent to thank for this.

This year, I was searching other family lines and contacted Vincent to see if he would be available to help me again.  I once again wanted to see where my ancestors had lived, to meet some possible relatives and search cemeteries and church records.  Vincent did field work in advance of my visit which saved an enormous amount of time for me and made my visit much more beneficial. Once again, he found townlands where my ancestors had lived and set up appointments with various possible relatives. Moreover, he drove me around parts of three counties enabling me to visit places I never would have found on my own nor been able to get to otherwise.  The opportunity to chat while driving was a wonderful way for me to learn about the history and customs of the area. Being local, Vincent had many contacts that he was able to use to help me and he was able to open doors someone from outside probably would not have been able to. Since my return home, Vincent has sent me websites that he thinks will help me further my research.

Getting to know Vincent, hearing about his family and their lives, gave me the opportunity to learn about life in Ireland today and my learning experience much richer.

I hope to return next year and will once again be asking Vincent to help me on my quest.

VMcC, Ontario